Wednesday, January 2, 2008


It's here. It snuck up while I was having cocktails. I seriously almost missed the ball drop on Times Square. Boo and I went to my moms house to celebrate my birthday and New Years' Eve, since they are one in the same. My brother and his wife were there too. Mom asked what I wanted for my birthday dinner and I decided I wanted Mexican food. So she and my stepfather went all out for a Fiesta. We had tacos, spanish rice, frijoles, tortilla chips and queso along with some chili pepper decor. However, one of the highlights was the large chili pepper pinata hanging in the front yard. Oh, but I'm serious. Yes there was! So, we sat in the kitchen and poured upside down margaritas for each other (except my sister-in-law because it's public knowledge that they are trying for a baby) until I was drunk enough to blindfold and spin around in the front yard. They spun me right round, baby, right round, like a record baby, right round, round, round. And then handed me a metal pole to smack the pinata. Let's just say they had to scatter at least once when I was swinging. After it was done and the candy had been spilled onto the ground my mother says, "Oh, even the neighbor came out on her front porch to watch, did you see her?" Now let's think about this...I was blindfolded.
I have discovered the quickest way for me to binge drink myself into a chattering dance machine is to do shots. I am, by nature, not a very thirsty person. And drinking alcohol is no different. I just don't drink enough of it to get a good buzz on. And let's face it, people like myself who aren't regular drinkers, just drink to get tipsy and have a crazy time every now and again. So, I had quite a few shots on New Years Eve. I'm just going to be honest, I really don't remember the ball dropping, but I remember somebody turning on the TV at 11:30 so we must have counted down at midnight.
Now it's 2008 and I have things I need to do. My blog will continue and hopefully I will have good things to post. Happy New Year!