Monday, June 23, 2008

Hello Franklin Covey!

Gonna make a list for ya.

  • I've been in Chicago for the past two weeks training for my new job.
  • My new job is pharmaceutical sales; I've been working my ass off to break into the industry for five years.
  • Training was brutal, but I felt triumphant at the end of the two weeks.
  • I am home for two weeks during which I have two bridal showers (one of which I'm the hostess!), one rehearsal dinner, one wedding, 4th of July, two evenings planned with friends, one hair appointment, one dentist appointment, get the dog groomed, guests staying at my home for four nights, shopping for new work clothes, trying to find/see an new OBGYN, study for and take an entrance exam for another drug I'll be selling. Did I mention that I'm still working during the days?
  • The guests are my brother-in-law C and his fiancee A. They are getting married July 5th.
  • I have to leave to go back to Chicago on Sunday July 6th...for three weeks straight.
  • Under pressure? Actually, I am scary efficient when this kind of chaos rears it's head. (Note the bullet points.)
  • Oh yea, the new OBGYN...we're going to try to get pregnant starting in August. Ha ha! They say there's no good time, so away we go! Luckily I'll actually be home for most of August and September.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


When you grow up in a small town, typically, you have the same dentist and doctor that you started going to the first time you ever went to a dentist or doctor. I don't know how old I was when I first went to the dentist, maybe four years old? I don't know the rules about kids and getting to the dentist yet. So maybe I was four. Anyway, Dr. Huppert has been my dentist for some years now. Even when I went away to college three hours from home I had the same dentist. You know why? This is crazy, but Dr. Huppert actually had an office in my hometown AND the city my college was in. I think that is bizarre coincidence, but true nonetheless. It had something to do with the fact that his mother lived down there. Anyway...
I've grown up, gotten married and moved far enough away from my hometown that it doesn't make any kind of sense for me to continue going to his office. So yesterday I went with my husband (Boo) to his dentist. It was almost surreal. When the same guy has been humming songs and asking you open-ended questions while his hands are in your mouth since you were four-ish it's strange to meet the new guy. It was a strange dental tryst. But I think this is going to be a permanent change. The new guy is sweeping me off my feet; he's already scheduled a time to replace my old fillings with new white ones! He mentioned to Boo that Dr. Huppert should have replaced them long before now because they're breaking down. He's even talking about sending me off to get braces! His hygenists are so friendly! His wife is so nice! I thought everyone might break out into a musical number while we were there. I wouldn't have been surprised if a little animated bird had landed on my shoulder as I walked out of the office.
So long Dr. Huppert, you've been a nice dentist but things change. I'm gonna like it here!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Let it fly!

You'll be glad to know the little bird made it! It turned out better than I thought...I woke up on Saturday and went out to the garage with some hesitation. What if he died? I slowly lifted the towel off the top of the box and there he sat, dry and alert looking at me. Before I knew it, he shot out of the box and flew around the garage! After a few minutes he landed near the lawn mower and I leaned over him so he couldn't fly up. I scooped him up in my hands and walked out to the backyard. As my hands opened he checked out the scenery then flew up into a nearby pine tree. How about them apples?

Meanwhile, I've been a single girl all weekend while Boo is in Chi-town for a bachelor party. I've enjoyed my alone time but I'm starting to miss him. I went to the spa yesterday and got a massage and facial (had a leftover giftcard, woo hoo!). It was very relaxing and I never had the urge to fart. Nothing is worse than being in the middle of a fantastic massage when the urge to fart hits. What do you do? I always manage to sequester my farts during massage, but I always wonder how many times people actually just let em rip. Then there's the theory that it's natural and massage is manipulating your body and stirring everything up, toxins and why not just let it out? I'll probably continue to just sweat thru squeezing them back.

Birds and farts. That's why they pay me the big bucks.