Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ch ch ch ch changes....

So much to catch you up on! And by "you" I mean the one person besides myself who looks at this blog a few times a year (Barb, where are you? I've lost my readership...)
Buttercup did make an offer on our house. We accepted it. Then we had to pay for a new roof and part of the chimney to be rebuilt.  Seriously.  It was all unavoidable if we wanted to keep him ensnared in the house buying deal.  I would've had literally chased him down the street with a butterfly net and some duct tape if he'd tried to get away.  Oh no mister, you WILL buy this house because I'M not living on this side of town anymore. No sir. And with that, we have a pending offer.
We close August 8th. Hallalooyer.

In other breaking news, Mark got not one, but TWO job offers. Sweet Jesus, thank you thank you.
He really liked one company but it took them twelve weeks to coordinate four interviews. In the meantime another company interviewed him for six hours over the course of a week and made the first offer.  He liked each company equally because each offered a unique set of opportunities and challenges.  But, early bird gets the worm, right? So he informed his recruiter that he'd accepted a position with another company. That recruiter then delivered the news to the snail-like company.  They were aghast with surprise that he didn't put off all other job offers to wait and see if they would make an offer.  In an unexpected turn of events, the CEO of Snails-R-Us called my husband directly and explained they were on the verge of making an offer and would he please reconsider if he gently twisted his arm.  Needless to say, my husband was very flattered by the offer, and really has admiration for the company and the people he met there.  My husband said he'd call him back in a day.  We discussed the situation and decided that Speedy Company had a much larger enterprise situation with more room for growth and besides that, he'd already accepted the offer and would remain true to his word.  He called back Mr. CEO and said I really like you and your company but right now, I've accepted another opportunity and I'm sticking with it.  Mr. CEO understood and hopefully saw the value in my husbands integrity.

So ends the job saga of 2012, I hope.  My husband is extremely happy where he is now and that makes me happy too.  I feel very blessed.