Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The other lover....

Dear Blogger and internet people-

I've been cheating on you with Facebook and I apologize for not spending equal amounts of time with you. It's not you, it's me. I don't want to break up or anything, I just need you to be patient until the newness wears off of FB. It's been magical though, getting reacquainted with old friends, college roommates, former classmates, my cousins who live far away and even some folks I never really was friends with. I'm a bit nosy and perhaps voyeuristic because I just browse around peeking into their lives that they've posted on FB. Reading about what they've done with themselves and looking at their photos. Most people either look the same or have put on a few pounds...and most of them have kids in the pics with them so I feel a little behind in my baby brewing endeavors. Frankly, I've been shocked by some of the people that have sent me "friend requests." Seriously, people I never hung out with. Anyway, I promise to make an effort to spend less time there and hopefully more time here. I'd really like to snazz this place up a little bit but I'm not super techy so I don't know how to install a cooler banner or anything.

And, do any of you know how to go about getting a Copyright? Thanks ahead of time!
See you soon internet friends!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big news and vacation minutia

Hello internet people! I've returned home from my week long stint in Tucson. First I will tell you the really big news followed by a few details of my trip to Arizona perhaps illustrated by some unedited photos.
Mmmmkay, big news! Boo and I went in for our 20 week ultrasound and found out the little bundle of life in my belly is a girl. We will have a daughter and we couldn't be happier! The ultrasound was amazing. The last time we had one we were only at 8 weeks so basically we brought home a picture of a blob. But a 20 week ultrasound is so much different. I didn't realize everything involved until we got started. Right off the bat she showed us that it was undoubtedly a baby girl. Then she began measuring bones, counting heart chambers, fingers and brain lobes. She examined the spine, abdomen and arteries. She checked out things I didn't even know were there. The baby was very active during the scan which startled Boo. She tucked an arm behind her head and opened her mouth so we could see her tongue...maybe yawning? Her little legs were stretching out then scrunching back up. It was humbling.
Now I will shop for nursery items, clothes and names. July will be here before I know it. Regarding Arizona. The weather apparently didn't get the memo that I was visiting because it was less than warm. In all the times I've been there it's never been in the 50's until this time. One day it got to 70. I cherished that day. We went to an art festival and I wore a sleeveless shirt with a cowboy hat...I'll show you as long as you promise not to make fun of me and remember that I'm five months prego.
Although I didn't buy any art that day, I purchased some Prickly Pear Cactus honey. Food is always high on my list. I bought art another day at a different place. I'm a big fan of Ted DeGrazia's art and of his awesome Gallery in the Sun. He is long passed on but his gallery remains open in Tucson thanks to his foundation. He was a pretty cool cat himself...kind of a rebel, took stands for what he believed in, didn't care what folks thought. He kind of reminds me of a friend/teacher I once had named Vito. Although to my knowledge V didn't paint. Here's a few of my favorites of DeGrazia...
And here's a photo of the mission he built near the gallery for himself and the local Indian tribes to worship in... And a photo of him unloading some Cholla cactus skeletons...
He once burned most of his original paintings on top of a mountain to protest the IRS wanting to tax his heirs for the full market value of the art but yet would only let DeGrazia write off the cost of his painting supplies. I love that.
Anyway, while I was out there I also went to the Gem was okay. I won't go again, just not my thing. We went hiking into a wash to see "Picture Rocks" which are ancient native american petroglyphs..that was cool. I also visited my 80 year old grandmother. She's a riot. Seriously, she's the complete opposite of quiet, in the kitchen, grandmother types. First of all she's a democrat, she cusses like a sailor..including the f-bomb, and she's totally unconventional except that she likes to crochet. She has this new thing about thinking everyone is getting fat though. And she wants to tell them. She frequents a certain restaurant and wanted to tell the owner he was getting fat. She thinks Jay Leno is putting on weight and so is my uncle.
My flight home was on Thursday but it got delayed/cancelled because of the weather out east that day. My 20 week ultrasound was scheduled for friday morning. Can you see where this is going? They rebooked me on a friday morning flight and I had to reschedule my scan. I was sooo upset. I believe things happen for a reason though so I tried to think positive. I survived and it was worth the wait.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Leavin' on a jet plane...

Don't know when I'll be back again.....just kidding. I'll be back next Thursday. I'm flying out to Tucson, AZ this afternoon for a little R&R. My friend K 's parents have a condo out there and my grandma lives out there in the wintertime. I'll be splitting my time between both. K and I plan to attend an art festival in a tiny little artist colony called Tubac on Friday, then Saturday we're going to the Gem Show. I've never been to a gem show, but she assures me that there is lots to see and plenty of unique stones, gems (duh) and jewelry to peruse. I'm not a big "jewelry girl" but I do enjoy the southwestern style of burnished silver, turquoise and coral so that's what I'm hunting for. Not sure what the schedule for Sunday is. Monday I'm heading north to a little town called Florence to spend a few days with my grandma.
Probably I'm most excited about the food. At some point we'll make a stop at San Xavier Mission del Bac because they have a little plaza where they sell the best Indian Tacos made by members of the Tohono O'odham community. Absolute heaven...and oh yea, the architecture is gorgeous at the mission. In Tucson there is a wonderful place called Lil Abner's and they have a fantastic mesquite ribeye. I also anticipate lots of food vendors at the gem show. And I would be remiss if I failed to mention the reason I go to Arizona at all....the L & B Inn. Holy authentic Mexican food Batman. It's a quaint family owned place and I just love sitting on the patio near the fountain. Neighborhood cats wind their lithe little bodies between the wrought iron spindles of the decorative fence that encloses the patio while you crunch on chips and homemade, secret family recipe salsa. Can't. Wait.
So, while I'm gone please enjoy a few pics from some previous trips to Arizona...