Saturday, August 28, 2010

Say Cheese!

Here's what I've been up to lately.  Last year I started a little photography business called "Pets and the City Photography" which was dedicated to pets and their people.  It was fun and I got to flex my creative muscles again (after a long period of muscle atrophy).  Here's the thing though...even though people are willing to dress their pooches in expensive gear, pay outlandish vet bills (I know!) and include them in final estate planning....they aren't so willing to fork over the cash for some nice photos.  I understand we're in a recession; or coming out of one depending on who you ask.  This mama is looking for consistent cash flow and the pet business just isn't cutting the mustard right now.  So, I'm expanding my services to include humans.  In fact I'm relaunching with a totally new name and website (coming soon).  I'm stoked about the possibilities and even have a surprise in store for you in a few weeks!  It'll knock your socks off!  For now I'm ramping up and that's eating up lots of free time so excuse my spotty bloginess.  So many ideas, so little time to develop them!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bird Flu..not really.

This is her first time being sick.  Poor girl. Isn't she pitiful?
She hadn't been eating well the last few days and got a runny nose.
Then she got a yucky cough. Mama called the doctor and the doctor said,"No more monkeys
Jumping on the bed!"  No, that's not what the doctor said at all. She actually said, "Yep she has an ear
infection and an upper respiratory infection."  Go figure. I just stopped breastfeeding three weeks ago.
I'm a firm believer that's why she hasn't been sick until now.
So, now my baby Bird is taking a bubble gum flavored antibiotic.
Remarkabley, despite the ear infection she's sleeping well. *knock on wood!*  
Breaks my heart. She's so sweet.
Feel better soon!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Spot

This is my Summer spot.  After my Bird is in bed and my husband is situated on the couch watching reruns
of Two and a Half Men; this is where I go.  I sit. I read. I drink an Izze, or a glass of wine, or a sweet tea.
*breathe in. breathe out.*  I stare at the sky and study the clouds or the early moon.  I ponder. I try not to ponder.  Sometimes I want nothing on my mind. Nothing but the sound of the birds, the breeze in the trees or the buzz of the cicadas. 
This particular evening I was engrossed in the novel I was reading, "The Help." If you haven't read it, you should. And you should buy it. Keep it. Let your children read it when they're older. 
And try an Izze.  I'm fond of Sparkling Blackberry but there are other flavors. 

I stay in my spot until it gets too dark to read or the mosquitoes start a buffet line at my feet.
Every evening I have the luxury to spend in my spot I always have company. I don't mind because he's
quiet, entertaining and mostly keeps to himself except when he takes a notion to light on my arm while I read.

Sometimes I like to imagine that he's visiting me as a representation of a loved one I've lost.  Just stopping in to say hello and everything is okay.  I don't really know if "he's" a he, but that's my first impression so that's what I go with.  I don't even name him because I feel like somehow that would be a hindrance to our relationship.  Each time I settle in my spot to read, think or not think...I look for him and pretty soon, he comes along to visit.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Got 'em!

I'm totally a Mellenhead. Mellencamp fan.

This morning presale tickets went on sale and I stalked my computer all morning waiting for
the secret password to show up and constantly refreshing my browser.
The moment of truth at 10am! "Buy Tickets" showed up on my screen
and I furiously typed in all the essential info and dutifully filled in the 'captcha" blank.
At first I got Row L.  I declined and search for tickets again...then I got Row O.
Blast! Row S.  Really? The tickets just went on sale. One more try...
"Row D Gold Circle Seats"  Oh hell yeah! I pounced.
So, my Boo and I are going to the show in November.  It's going to be fantastic!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bird is the Word

We just celebrated Wren's 1st birthday a couple weeks ago.  She is so awesome.  I know everyone probably thinks their kids are so awesome...well, I'm just a proud mama. Thought I'd share a birthday pic.
We had a little party with friends and family. I made all the decorations at the cake. I won't be making
another fancy cake. I told Wren that was her last fancy cake made by her mama.  I totally respect
bakers and cake decorators.  I used fondant icing (which doesn't taste very good).  It was
a decent cake...tasted good aside from the fondant.  It was just way too much work when I was trying to
prepare for a housefull of people.  The decorations were fun though! Here's a couple snapshots..

And here's a shot of my Big Bird being sweetness personified....

Can't believe it's been a year. Oh how they change and grow so quickly.
Happy Birthday Birdie!