Monday, August 6, 2012

Never Say Never

"I never want to live in an apartment again."  Whoops! And here is my ass, sitting in an apartment, again.  Really though, it's not so bad.  This will be our third night in the apartment. We moved Saturday; it was the loooooooongessssssstttttt day. Ever.  And a small scale debacle of sorts.  The movers were an hour and a half late. When I asked what kind of lunch break they would be taking, the response was, "Well, if the clients buying, we eat whatever."  Mkay. That was not the question but I see what you did. You just insinuated that we buy your lunch and now I feel obligated.  So, what the hell would you like from McDonald's because that's what we're having.  Oh, you don't eat McDonald's because it's unhealthy? Well, your two mover buddies do, so let me take their orders and I guess you're on your own because I'm not making two stops. Fast forward to the part where we all sit down to our unhealthy McDonald's lunch and he pulls out a Powerade and a bag of Funyons. For real. And did I sit silently by and pretend not to notice? Hell no. I smugly said, I'm so glad your eating Funyons instead of McDonald''s way better for you! 
Now, these were nice guys. Educated too, not jughead meathead mover guys.  We even discussed theology and conspiracy theories a bit. I liked them. Okay, I liked two of them. Mr. Funyon was just okay.
Now to the part where Funyon gps'd our new address and somehow took our stuff to the ghetto instead of our new address. I was not happy.

Finally they show up at the correct destination and promptly drop and mangle my new upright freezer. I'm not happy. See a theme?  Really, it was like I watched it roll off the dolly in slow motion and saw the three of them not catch it. I clapped my hands to my face as my jaw dropped and I think I made a weird "eeks" type noise.  Now I'm waiting for the company to call me about the damage report. I intend to give them an earful about the three stooges.

On the upside, we're here. Our stuff is here. We officially close on our old house this week. I can almost hear that chapter quietly thump closed like an old dusty book.  I'm really enjoying the apartment so far. It sort of feels like we're on vacation and staying in an awesome hotel suite.  We haven't been to the pool yet, but I plan to as soon as Birdy gets feeling better. Poor thing has had a fever all day with a cough.  Crossing my fingers that the rest of us don't get it.

We will continue our search for a house of property to build a house on, but we're not in a huge hurry
because camping at the apartment might be fun for a bit :)