Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sweet bird

It's the middle of the night and I'm awake. I went with some girls to see the "Sex and the City" movie tonight. It started at 9:30 but the power went out halfway thru the show and it took some time to get it up and running again. Good movie btw.
Hellacious storms came thru tonight and by the time I got home to let the dogs out it was past 1am. The backyard was flooded. Mya (our little dog) found something interesting under a tree and bounced around it while it tried to scamper away. Well, it scampered right into the flooded part of the yard. Mya was right with it, so I went out in the yard to get her. As I got closer I heard the thing "peep" in dispair. It was a baby bird that had been stormed out of it's nest. So I waded out into the water in my sundress, pajama pants and flip flops. I scooped him up in my hands, lost one flip flop and was soaked to my knees. The dogs were bouncing around me trying to see what it was. I took him inside and patted him dry. He seems in good health and just shy of being old enough to fly. I put him in a box with a paper towel nest and took him out to the garage where he'll be warm and dry tonight. If he makes it thru the night I'm going to take him to a wildlife rehab tomorrow.
Boo is at a bachelor party, so I had this adventure in the middle of the night without anyone to share it with so I'm sharing it with you. I am hoping this little bird makes it because he sure is cute. I'll keep you in the loop.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Can't you hear the crickets chirping? Me neither.

It's one of those warm Indiana spring nights. Warm enough to keep the windows open over night. I'm sitting at the dining room table enjoying the night breeze coming in the window. If I lived in the country where I'd prefer to live I would be listening to to rural night sounds like crickets and the wind rustling the trees. But I live in the most congested part of the city and I'm listening to the the magical sounds of the freeway and ambulance sirens from the nearby hospital. So, all but one window will be shut before I wander off to bed. The one window will be the one in our bedroom so if anyone tries to climb in we'll hear them.
I am glad that we have a gigantic backyard. I did a little beautifying today. I accumulated several flower pots and finally put flowers in them today. It looks like Better Homes and Freakin Gardens on our deck now. I enjoyed getting my hands in the dirt and watching the dogs play in the yard. It was reminiscent of being in the country. Have I mentioned that I grew up on 40 acres of fields and woods in rural central Indiana? I left home at 18 and I've been a city dweller for most of the time between then and now. I'm not really sure how that happened.
I had an apartment in college, an apartment after college, a house in the city with my ex-husband, an apartment after my divorce, then a little house that I rented in town. Now a house in the city with my new and final husband. He knows I am pining for a rural lifestyle and he'd like to accomodate me but the housing market has us sort of biding our time. And our house isn't bad, I just don't like the location. One of these days I'll tell you all about my hometown and where I grew up. But for now, let's enjoy this mild spring night and the moment we have now.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Remembering Memorial weekend

Spent the day browsing around Broad Ripple in little boutiques and junk stores with my friend L. I found the cutest vintage dress at an antique/everything store. I bought it. Love it.
Then Boo and I saw a new movie, Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian something. It was a good movie. Not as good as the first, but still good.

My friend R has a horse that she's leasing to a high school girl. The girl, K, took him to a horse show saturday and I ended up coaching her all day and helping Boomer (the horse) do his best with her. She had not practiced with him so needless to say, they never placed. He hasn't been in a show pen in three years..he's a little rusty. The day was gloriously beautiful and I spent the whole day with my friend and with horses, so I was happy. Boo and I cooked out for dinner.

Stained the deck with Boo. Got sunburned. Took a snooze. Then at 9pm we went to go see our favorite "local" band play at The Vogue. Here Come the Mummies is a fantastic group of musicians who get the crowd all wound up. I usually stand near the front row and dance the entire time. Boo and I had a lot of cocktails that evening. Let's just be honest, we were not fit to drive a car. So we took a cab home, but not before we had the driver take us thru the White Castle drive thru! They are playing at "Taste of Bloomington" next month and I've already made reservations at a bed and breakfast so we can go see them again.
Slept in. Went to pick up Boo's car and get a bite to eat. I drove out to the barn to ride my horse for a little bit. Came home and snoozed on the couch. Boo and I drove down to his parents house to visit and have some steaks on the grill.
Just a nice little weekend.

Friday, May 23, 2008


The rest of the story...

Friday night we had dinner at Paula Deen's restaurant "Lady and Sons." It was fantastic! I have a new appreciation for black eye'd peas. Our server was Bruce and our bartender was James.they were very nice and gave us a few tips about what clubs to hit after dinner. So we took their recommendations and had a great time. We ran into them at a little local pub called Circa. As we walked in they were sitting to the right and some meat head guys were standing on our left. The meatheads were older men in suits that looked like military type guys and they greeted us as we walked in the door. No sooner than we picked a table the meatheads decended upon us like vulchers. About the time they started schmoozing a waitress informed us that James was buying our first round! When our drinks arrived I escaped from the meatheads and joined James and Mike (another L&S bartender) at their table. I thanked James for the drinks and then explained to them the meathead situation. He said as soon as we walked in it was apparent what was going to happen. So, one by one the girls defected to the table where the me and the L&S guys were. The meatheads got a clue and moved on to a new club. Then a random guy asked Frenchy if she wanted to come sit with him, to which she replied, "No I'm sorry I have to go to the bathroom." He looked at her sort of funny and then excused himself. Pretty soon more L&S folks joined us, Bruce and Brandy. James decided A needed to have a striptease since it was her Bachelorette party so he mentioned what a great dancer Bruce is. Somebody fetched a chair for A and Bruce gave her a little lap dance right there! No clothes came off but it was pretty funny and I'll vouch for his ability to shake what his mamma gave him!
We all decided after awhile to move the party to another club called Bachus. It was much louder but there was more room and better music to dance to. Most of us sat around and drank wine and chatted bbut A was ready to let loose so she and James cut a rug. They were a lot of fun to watch. I guess they were some sort of swing/jitterbugging. Lots of fun! Last call came too soon and we hailed our cab driver Dirty Henry. He looked sort of like a drunk homeless man and talked like it too. But he drove just fine. And he told us he was hoping we might need to "discipline him." Hmmm..thus the name Dirty Henry.
Saturday was spent laying by the pool at the hotel. Very relaxing. Took a nap late afternoon then got up and showered for another night on the town.
We had dinner at "Jazzed" a Tapas restaurant. After dinner we walked over to have a drink at L&S. The guys were working and shared their plans for the evening with us in case we wanted to join them. We enjoyed hanging out with them because they were just nice guys. No ulterior motives, they weren't trying to hit on us or single any of us out. So we all met at a rooftop bar called Churchills. It was so fun and I drank more that night than I have in a month. All Malibu and Diet's. So, that's how I earned the nickname "Malibu." All the L&S guys were there, and a couple of them we just met that night, like Durrel and Sherman. The more I drank the friendlier I got. I made friends with the table next to us and the bartenders Evil Bob and what's his name.
A and I danced more than anyone I think. At some point A was having her picture taken sitting on the bar for a 'bachelorette moment." Now, all of us ladies are married except Frenchy who is wrapping up a divorce. So, out of nowhere James has swooped Frenchy into his arms for a very dramatic french kiss. Then after it was over she says,"How about another?" So he dipped her back for another kiss..meanwhile Evil Bob is yelling, "Don't drop her!" It was very sweet and innocent.
After Churchills last call we started head back to the hotel, led by Bruce our Mother Hen. He walked us down the sidewalk and across the street to the waiting cabs. But James and Sherman headed us off at the pass and said, "Do you want to see something really cool?" So, trusting them as we did we all said sure. We walked down to the riverfront to a little plaza shaped like a circle. When you stand in the middle of the circle you can hear your voice echo back to you. So we took turns standing in the circle talking and singing and dancing. A couple came along and we shared it with them, then the guy took the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend! She said yes, but to be honest she seemed really apprehensive and frankly I think she can do better.
A made me sing a solo in the circle and since I was drunk I did. I sang a solo of "My Girl" on the riverfront in Savannah at 4am. It was just one of those magical nights for all of us I think.
The next day most of the girls left, Frenchy, A and me stayed and went to dinner that night. I had the best crabcakes that have ever passed through my lips! A restaurant called "Vics." If you're ever in Savannah you must go! You can't go wrong with the crabcakes. If you're a steak person, get the prime rib, Frenchy's was really good. A had scallops and they were tasty too. We were all tired and it was an early night for us.
The weekend was really great. Very memorable.
As a side note, I puked on the plane on the way home due to turbulence. Yep, it was really embarassing. But I was sitting right up front and told the attendant that I felt sick. He gave me a large plastic trash bag that I stuck my whole head into. I puked as quietly as possible. :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No, I'm sorry, I have to go to the bathroom.

A's bachelorette party was this past weekend down in Savannah, GA. She's marrying my brother-in-law in July so all her girlfriends converged upon the unsuspecting South.

A and her friend/coworker Frenchy picked me up at the airport last Thursday in Savannah. By the way, her friends name isn't really Frenchy, but she earned it over the weekend. Story to follow shortly... So anyway, the three of us arrived at the Westin on the Waterfront, freshened up in our room then went down to the lounge to meet up with A's sister and niece.

We took the ferry across the river to go shopping. We went into a little restaurant an soon found ourselves being treated to mimosa's thanks to some generous older men. They decided they should treat the bachelorette and her friends to drinks. They also invited us to go on their boat later. We could see it from the ferry dock, it was a nice boat. They were nice guys too, but we didn't go on the boat.
So, a little bit tipsy, we went on our way shopping. We had lunch at a little tearoom. The ham and cheese quiche was fantastic! Then we walked around a little more and then A's sister and niece had to go home so we went back to the Westin. I took a little nap to rest up for the evening. So, you'll have to stay tuned because Oprah is about to come on and I'll have to finish this up later. But just so you know, the adventures have only just begun! Just to tease you...Find out why we call her Frenchy, Who is Malibu? and some men wanted to take us home!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Woo hoo!

Well then, I should tell you...I got a new job! I gave notice at my old job last Tuesday. I know Tuesday is a weird day; I actually had intended to wait until Friday but due to circumstances beyond my control I had to do it sooner. I had plans to go with some girlfriends to the Vera Bradley outlet sale, it's a once a year event, on Wednesday but my manager wouldn't let me have the day I quit. Just like that!
It was pretty enjoyable...the powers that be were shocked! I was on pace and only five weeks away from earning the title of President's Club and a trip to the Bahamas. But I was made an offer by a pharmaceutical company and I've been trying to get into pharma for five years. There was noway I would have turned it down.
Before I left my company I had an hour conversation with my manager about why I was leaving, then an hour conversation with his manager and then a conversation with his manager's manager (the regional VP). I told them all I don't like the lack of diversity in management (no women), I don't like the micromanagement trend or the fact that my manager told me to juice my numbers in the computer so they looked better and all the other reps were told to do the same thing. I sang like a bird.
So, I gave my two weeks notice. But they don't want you sticking around, so they pay you for two weeks and send you on your way. I don't start my new gig until May 19th. So, I'll be kickin it for a couple weeks. Sweet.
I don't work for the devil anymore. I am excited and nervous, new jobs are like the first day of high school. You're looking forward to it but worried you might get stuffed in a locker too.