Saturday, May 3, 2008

Woo hoo!

Well then, I should tell you...I got a new job! I gave notice at my old job last Tuesday. I know Tuesday is a weird day; I actually had intended to wait until Friday but due to circumstances beyond my control I had to do it sooner. I had plans to go with some girlfriends to the Vera Bradley outlet sale, it's a once a year event, on Wednesday but my manager wouldn't let me have the day I quit. Just like that!
It was pretty enjoyable...the powers that be were shocked! I was on pace and only five weeks away from earning the title of President's Club and a trip to the Bahamas. But I was made an offer by a pharmaceutical company and I've been trying to get into pharma for five years. There was noway I would have turned it down.
Before I left my company I had an hour conversation with my manager about why I was leaving, then an hour conversation with his manager and then a conversation with his manager's manager (the regional VP). I told them all I don't like the lack of diversity in management (no women), I don't like the micromanagement trend or the fact that my manager told me to juice my numbers in the computer so they looked better and all the other reps were told to do the same thing. I sang like a bird.
So, I gave my two weeks notice. But they don't want you sticking around, so they pay you for two weeks and send you on your way. I don't start my new gig until May 19th. So, I'll be kickin it for a couple weeks. Sweet.
I don't work for the devil anymore. I am excited and nervous, new jobs are like the first day of high school. You're looking forward to it but worried you might get stuffed in a locker too.

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