Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Latest

So, remember when I said "family portraits are boring."  I've been brewing an idea for a few years now. I finally threw caution to the wind and launched an offshoot to my photography gig.  Sarah Wiley Photography
specializes in classic boudoir photography for women.  I'm keeping "Pink Pigeon Photography" for families, babies, seniors and such.  I do enjoy the babies (so sweet!) and the senior pics (not so hum drum).  With that said, let me explain.  When I turned 30 I wanted to have some tasteful photos done for myself.  It occurred to me that I wouldn't always be 30 or have the body of a 30 year old.  I wanted proof that I was once young and vibrant....proof that my 80 year old self could reminisce about.  Alas, there were only creepy male photographers. The photos never came to fruition.  Surely I'm not alone.  Other women must have some trepidation regarding a strange man shooting her half nude.  I've launched this little endeavor in hopes that other women will appreciate the fact that I'm a fairly normal, married, mom that happens to be a photographer taking implied nude photos for other women.  We'll see what happens.
So far I've had positive encouragement, one person said it was a "bizarre" idea...and the others that don't comment, I just assume don't approve.  You can't make everyone happy. And you can't live your life for others...otherwise you're living their life.