Monday, April 20, 2009

A little talk.

Hello rainy Monday morning. I don't mind that you're here, but let's get one thing straight. You aren't going to follow me to Tampa in a few days. Okay? I'm meeting a few others down there and you just wouldn't fit in. Sunshine and warmth will be there and I think Ocean Breeze will be stopping by as well. I hope you understand. You know I enjoy your company too but I think we need a break for a little while. So, let's hang out together today and tomorrow. I'll be glad to have a reason to stay inside and putter around the house, sit on the couch with my little furball dog curled up close to me and surf the internet. Maybe I'll try making something cozy for dinner. Go through old photos. Take a snooze in the afternoon.
But after that, we have to go our seperate ways for awhile. Gimme a hug rainy Monday, no hard feelings.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Sweet nectar of the fertility gods. A suicide frozen Coke mixed with cherry Fanta. Just one of my crazy cravings. I sent Boo to the Speedway gas station twenty minutes before the Final Four Championship tip off. He's a keeper.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh Baby!

These are the cushy wall panels that my friend L and I made. They are hanging up now, so maybe you'd rather see them in action than on the floor...well, maybe next time.
Here is Boo victoriously posing with the crib that he so gallantly put together. Let's give him a hand!

This is me at 21? or 22 weeks.

Here I am dressed as an Easter egg at 26 weeks. Have you checked the baby ticker at the bottom of the page yet? We're getting closer! Yesterday she was very quiet but today she's been kicking since 4am. Making up for yesterday I guess.