Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yep, she's wearing a lampshade on her head.

I am ready for some time off. The December sales picked up a little, not much though, and I am ready to recharge for the new year. I want to kick back with friends and family, have some cocktails and sleep in a few days. I have pretty much sold everything I'm going to for this month. It's not a stellar month, but December never is. Did I mention my company is making us work Christmas Eve? All of our plants in the area are closed, all the delivery drivers are off...but sales management thinks the salespeople should come into the office. We aren't supposed to make any phone calls, afterall, our customers have the day off. We just have to come in for a few hours to mail things out to some customers. Busy work. I feel like Bob Cratchit working for Scrooge. Nevermind that I spend Christmas Eve with my family and I might need some prep time. Oh, and we were told that if we are "sick" we will have to show a doctors note. Elementary. Simply elementary. Assholes.

My dog had surgery yesterday. She had "cherry eye," it's when the MN gland hangs out of their eye like a puffy pink blob. Disgusting and expensive. Thank you Lord for the means to pay for it. My poor punkin dog. *in a baby voice* Sher is my baby dog. Sher's jus a baby! Poor sing!

Anyway, My friend and coworker L just closed on her new house yesterday. She is moving in today. I'm really proud of her! She is only 24 and had a nice new townhome built for herself! Just her, no help from her parents or any man. Yay L! So, I have a housewarming gift for her.

Tonight I am having a girls' night with some longtime friends. We rarely all get together but I'm really looking forward to tonight! You just can't replace friends you've had since childhood. I love them like sisters. We're going to Cheescake Factory for dinner and a small gift exchange.

Well, that just about is all I have to report on today. I'm going to take a snooze since I got all of Boo's gifts wrapped and I have posted a blog. I'm sure I'll post again before Christmas. P.S all the snow is melting. Hopefully some will stick around for Christmas.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

2008 and Beyond

The big snowstorm, she is upon us. Yesterday all the newscasts were a buzz of doomsday snow reports. Snow started falling yesterday morning and stopped for awhile, then, while we were snuggled in bed sleeping the motherload dropped on us. Today, according to newscasts, is supposed to be blizzard contitions with 45mph winds whipping the snow into drifts. It's always the blowing and drifting you have to watch out for. Anyway, it's here.

So, it is Sunday morning and I've been up since 6:30 because I just couldn't sleep. Maybe it was the excitement of the new snow. I'm sitting at my dining room table looking out the window, watching Mother Nature do her thing.

I am thinking of the approaching new year and some changes I need to make. I've been considering my spirituality and how I really need to connect with God more often. Sometimes I feel a little too much a part of this material world and I need to maintain a closer connection with the bigger picture. I really think most people need to do this. It seems like the majority of folks are so out of touch with themselves and the divine nature of our earth. They (and I) get so enthralled with the misguided expectations and ideals of pop culture, material society and social climbing. How much money? How fast? How big? How much better? Comparing ourselves to each other and what we have or don't have, that we think we need. It gets so complicated. We make money only to spend it as fast as we can because society has taught us to be hyperconsumers. Which in turn makes us scramble around frantically trying to make more money. The cycle repeats itself over and over. Earn, spend, repeat.

This new year I want to simplify. I want to take care of my body. I want to put good things in it. I want to put good things in my mind too. The money I make, I want to save it. I want to invest it so my family can have the home we want someday and Boo and I can retire and not have to be Wal-Mart greeters when we're 70 because we neglected to save for retirement.
This year I want to instill lifestyle changes so I have a healthy mind, body and spirit. I want to relax. I want to nurture my spirit. I want to spend time outdoors, breathing fresh air and enjoying the beautiful earth.
Simplify. Mind, Body, Spirit.

Friday, December 7, 2007


There is snow on the ground here in Indiana, about four inches of it. It's heavy, wet snow; the kind of snow you make snowballs with. It's the kind of snow that hangs heavy and piles high on each branch of our evergreen trees. I filled the birdfeeder yesterday and they found it today. The first customer was a bright red Cardinal. The next time I looked there was the Cardinal and his wife along with two Blue Jays. My favorites! We also hung a squirrel feeder on the other side of the yard, but the local squirrel population hasn't discovered it yet.

My doctor's office called today. She said my cholesterol is "okay" (which didn't sound convincing) but my "Good cholesterol is a little low and some excercise should bring it up."
Hmmm. Well, there it is. Evidence that I am thirtysomething now. So, the excercise begins. Or at least consistent, frequent exercise begins.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Decisions to make "after the first of the year"

So, at work I'm on pace to earn the top sales trip, President's Club. It's what all of the reps are supposed to work toward at my company. I'm pretty excited that I'm on pace to earn that, however, I still have two more quarters to get through. Right now I'm feeling some stress because it's December and nobody is buying anything because they want me to call them "after the first of the year." The trip is to Paradise Island in the Bahamas, sweet. So, I'm trying to remain calm, but December and the holiday slump is causing me some grief. And I hate that. I want to enjoy my holiday without worrying about sales numbers but I guess that's what being a grown-up is all about.
I know that if I reach my goal of "President's Club" I can basically write my ticket to any sales job I want or be considered for a nice promotion within my current company. But are those things I want? Maybe I want to stay home with my kids and be an earth mama. But what about providing a nice dual income so we can live comfortably and take nice vacations without wondering how to pay for them? What the hell. What the hell is one to do? I know that right now is probably not the best time for me to go having babies especially if I want to reach my goal at work. And my Boo and I have our honeymoon coming up with unlimited fruity alcoholic beverages and zip-lining involved. All of which is not suited for pregnant women. Pass me a pina colada please mister cabana boy!