Friday, December 7, 2007


There is snow on the ground here in Indiana, about four inches of it. It's heavy, wet snow; the kind of snow you make snowballs with. It's the kind of snow that hangs heavy and piles high on each branch of our evergreen trees. I filled the birdfeeder yesterday and they found it today. The first customer was a bright red Cardinal. The next time I looked there was the Cardinal and his wife along with two Blue Jays. My favorites! We also hung a squirrel feeder on the other side of the yard, but the local squirrel population hasn't discovered it yet.

My doctor's office called today. She said my cholesterol is "okay" (which didn't sound convincing) but my "Good cholesterol is a little low and some excercise should bring it up."
Hmmm. Well, there it is. Evidence that I am thirtysomething now. So, the excercise begins. Or at least consistent, frequent exercise begins.

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