Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Most Days

Most days I feel really blessed to be a mom. The other days I want to own a Jeep Wrangler and live like a bohemian in the southwest. I'd wear faded jeans, tank tops and cowboy boots all the time. I'd have a trusty dog to ride with me as the dust billowed behind us and the wind blew back our hair (and ears).

Where was I? Oh yes, most days. I have two of the sweetest little girls, ever. (Ahem, most days they are sweet).  So, Mothers Day weekend we were fairly busy.  Saturday my inlaws came up for a visit. They went to Birdies swim lesson with us, then treated us to lunch at Olive Garden.  Gram and Gramdad is what we call them. It's supposed to be "Grandad" but Wren says "Gramdad," which is way cuter.

They went home after lunch. The girls took really good naps (thanks heavens). Then, it was time to go visit my mom, who is too cool to be called Grandma. We call her "Grannah."  She lives five minutes from our house so it's really convenient.  My brother, his wife and their little girl, Briar, were there too.
Wren is only three months older than Briar so they have a great time playing together.  Autumn will be playing with them this time next year.

Gigi was also there. She's my grandma, also affectionately referred to as Big Toe. She has really long toes. She's about the funniest, coolest grandma I've ever known.

We cooked out burgers and dogs, sweet corn and baked beans. My sister in law, Dixie, made a strawberry cake. Beautiful mild weather and blue skies!  

The next day, actual Mothers Day, I hung out with Mark and the girls.  Mark made breakfast. Then we packed a picnic lunch and drove to Zionsville to the playground. We had the place all to ourselves and it was a lot of fun. Later that day the girls gave me a cover for my Nook and a card.
It was a nice simple Mothers Day :)   Yes, most days, the majority of days, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Game of Life

Remember playing the board game, "Life?" I loved the multicolor road that went around the board
and the little plastic hills glued to the road. Then you drive your little plastic convertible car gamepiece around the multicolored road gradually filling it with little pink and blue stick people. Yeah, so fun! Well, I feel like multicolored plastic birds have repeatedly crapped in my hair as we drive our plastic car. 
In reality, we found out my husband is getting laid off from his job this month.  It happens. This is the first time it's happened to us.  He's been with his company for 11 years and now they are handing him his hat as the theater goes dark.  No, he doesn't work at a theater...he works in information technology.  There's no theater, lets move on.
He's had several interviews and job leads. Lots of irons in the fire and recruiters working to get him re-employed.  It wouldn't be such a big deal if we had two incomes. Alas, I'm a stay at home mama with a baby attached to my boobs.  So, I won't be hoofing it out into the job market.  In actuality and all honestly, I'm not too nervous yet.  I think he's going to land a gig soon.  There will probably some gap time between jobs and we'll need to get Cobra insurance but it's not dire yet.

The other side of the coin is that our house has been on the market for two months. Our showings have slacked off considerably which kinda works out given our current situation.  After Mark finds a new job we might drop the price to drive more showings and get a quicker sale. Right now though, we're gonna sit tight and wait for the bird crap to get washed out of our hair.