Saturday, August 28, 2010

Say Cheese!

Here's what I've been up to lately.  Last year I started a little photography business called "Pets and the City Photography" which was dedicated to pets and their people.  It was fun and I got to flex my creative muscles again (after a long period of muscle atrophy).  Here's the thing though...even though people are willing to dress their pooches in expensive gear, pay outlandish vet bills (I know!) and include them in final estate planning....they aren't so willing to fork over the cash for some nice photos.  I understand we're in a recession; or coming out of one depending on who you ask.  This mama is looking for consistent cash flow and the pet business just isn't cutting the mustard right now.  So, I'm expanding my services to include humans.  In fact I'm relaunching with a totally new name and website (coming soon).  I'm stoked about the possibilities and even have a surprise in store for you in a few weeks!  It'll knock your socks off!  For now I'm ramping up and that's eating up lots of free time so excuse my spotty bloginess.  So many ideas, so little time to develop them!

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