Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chocolate Shake

Can you remember your very first sip of a chocolate milkshake?

This is my Bird at the county fair Sunday evening enjoying her very first chocolate milkshake from the local dairy farmers tent.  Her daddy is holding the cup for her because she's not even big enough to do that on her own yet.  I think a milkshake is one of those things that can transcend barriers dividing folks; age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status.  It's a simple pleasure that brings humanity together for one frosty cold, delicious moment.
We shared a sweet summer evening with our daughter and some old friends in my hometown.  We drove an hour from where we live in the city to spend time showing Wren the 4-H animals, eating "elephant ears" and cheering on our favorite competitor in the kids pedal tractor pull!  I always enjoy the opportunity to savor a slower pace of life.  One of these days....

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These Nine Acres said...

The slower pace of life is so nice, is it not? I know you will find your way back one day. Glad you are back!