Monday, March 31, 2008

Lexapro all around!

A question to ponder: If most of my co-workers and I take perscription anxiety/depression meds, and talk about it freely at work, do you think management would take a hint? High pressure sales, anyone?

Seriously, I need to figure out what makes me happy and do it. I have a new idea every week of something I could do, a business I could start. I've had an active imagination since I was a kid and I'm mostly an idealist. My family thinks I'm flakey because I job hop (two years is a real accomplishment). I am just a person that really wants to love what I do. I can tolerate any job for awhile..then I get out before it breaks my spirit. I feel guilty about it too. Why can't I just "buckle down" and stick to something. I like to think it's because I'm passionate. If there's no passion, I lose interest. My degree is a B.S in Communications with an emphasis in broadcasting. In college I worked at an ABC affiliate and actually had some on-air opportunities. But I moved back to my hometown upon graduation because of a guy. Stupid stupid stupid. I made a decision based on a guy. Yay me. Way to go.
I haven't used my broadcast training since then. I guess "sales" requires "communication" though.
So, this week I think I want to be a photographer. I have an eye for it but I lack some technical skills that would require some classes.
Or, I could try to make my "Mary Kay" into a career. I mostly just like to get my skincare at a discount though.
I've toyed with the idea of begging for any job at a tv station in this market to get my foot in the door. But the fear of not remembering anything I learned in college and looking like an idiot keeps me from doing it. This is going to sound brazen, but I'm a pretty good reporter and good on camera. I guess nobody will ever know because I'm also a big weiner.
So, if anybody has any suggestions for career options for a creative, ADD afflicted idealist, leave me a comment. Thanks!

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mama snee said...

GO DO SOMETHING ELSE. Better to be flaky than miserable. Go get your foot in the door, or several doors. Whatever. When you were a little kid you went around telling everyone how you were going to be "the next Barbara Walters," remember? Not that you have to stick with what you chose at 7 years old, but if you're still talking about it, act on it. Now is the time-- there's no perfect moment to take a risk. Your worklife is a huge part of your waking life, treat it with respect and do something you love. (all this from a serious job-flake/ school addict, but still!)