Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hello, room service, in-room dining! Hello!

I am exhausted. But before you feel sorry for me, let me tell you why. I am back up in Chicago for more job training. The training has been pretty stress-free, just time consuming. Nothing like the last trip. This time I have to pretend to be giving the doctor my schpeil while a trainer evaluates me...for four different I have to practice a lot and learn what I'm allowed to say and such.
I am missing home. Boo was scheduled to come visit me this weekend, but it really doesn't make sense from a logistical standpoint. I have to prepare for my next role play certification, we'd have to pay to board the dogs, gas (nuff said!), and money to entertain the two of us over the weekend. So, we decided he would stay home, save money, time and fuel. The dogs won't get bent out to shape, and I can be focused on the task at hand. But that doesn't keep me from missing Boo and my critters and my bed. I will be going home a week from tomorrow. Yay!
Right now my hotel room smells like black beans and rice, I have Baja Fresh trash in my room. I am tired of take-out food and living in a hotel. I do however enjoy the fact that my room is cleaned daily, my toiletpaper is crisply folded into a little point each day, I get a wake-up call everyday and my meals are prepared for me. :) I also leave wet towels on the floor and they are magically whisked away with fresh ones hung in their place.
Some of my counterparts are characters. There is a wide variety of people here from all over. Most of them are interesting and likeable...I hope I fall into that catagory for them. Although today I was a little testy so I mostly kept quiet and to myself.
The company threw a little reception for us in the lobby last night; there were crudites, fancy cheeses and chicken satays...and an open bar. So, being salesfolks, we're a pretty social bunch. After three glasses of wine, Allison and Carol began mixing vodka with crystal light water. I hate vodka, but apparently I thought it was a good idea because I had a couple of those. I was a social bbutterfly, mixing and mingling with people I didn't even know. Eventually I went to bed and woke up at 5:45am with a headache and a sick feeling in my tummy. Somehow I muddled thru the day, but as mentioned, I was not happy about it. So now, I am blogging because I have been delinquent with my blogs. My eyelids are being propped open with toothpicks and I am going to have to hit the hay. So, good night blog friends.

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