Friday, November 14, 2008

What do you really want to be?

It's Friday afternoon, thank goodness the weekend is here. I've been thinking lately about what I would do if I didn't have to work in corporate sales anymore. I have several ideas, not sure if any of them are realistic and so, friends, I ask you for your thoughts.
First, I could write. Probably try writing some fiction. I've already started writing my memoirs of my life thusfar. I can tell you that this blog really hasn't given you any insight into my past or the depth, perversion and weirdness of it all. My story might make for some interesting reading. A couple of you can vouch for that I know.
Or, I could develop my photography hobby into something. Maybe stock photos, maybe pet photography.
I'd really like to convert my passion for horses into a vocation but aside from lots of overhead costs of owning a boarding facility, I'm not sure what else might be an option. Please don't suggest selling insurance to horse people, no interest here.
Or maybe there's something out there I just haven't thought of yet.
How about y'all? Have you ever thought about what you'd really like to do for a living? If you feel like sharing your dream or passions, let loose! I'd love to hear what else other folks are thinking. I think we're in a very importent time right now in history and people are rethinking their priorities. What are your thoughts?

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The W.O.W. factor said...

Hey, Elliemae, from all that's been on TV for the past year, pet photography might be it! Just saw the other nite, people are SO into their pets, they are living them in their wills as the beneficiaries! People DO still have $$ the Equine Massage Therapy thing Cowboy just got done with! Someday, or in the right areas...there is money to be made and there are alot of people like hunter/jumpers & race track people that use them all the time!
(we don't however live anywhere's near those, nor do we want to.)
If you come up with something fun and exciting, let me know!!