Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday night thoughts

I have big plans for this evening. First of all my husband is swinging by Rally's (Checker's to some of you) to pick up a greasy cheeseburger and seasoned fries for me on his way home. I intend to balance that out with a Diet Coke. Right. Then, at 8pm the John Mellencamp BIO will air. After that at 9pm the "Homeward Bound" 90 minute John Mellencamp documentary will air. I will be glued to the television all evening which is not typical of me. As you know though, I am a giant fan of the notoriously grouchy/mouthy rocker. I find depth and reflection in his lyrics...most of them. One song I could do without is "I need a lover." I think the intro is too long and I am sort of a feminist so the lyrics are a bit offensive. Just my opinion though..and you know what "they" say about opinions. This blog is named after his lyrics..Your Life is Now. It's a reflective song. I'm all about reflections tonight I guess...maybe I'll say it one more time.
Reflect. There, I said it.

* Just a side note: I finished watching the Mellencamp special. He sang an acoustic version of "I need a Lover" and changed the offensive was really enjoyable! *

This time of year, the holidays are a good time to reflect though. To consider what's important in our lives, what are our priorities? Especially in these hard times. With the new year just around the bend what will we do to make it a better year? See?...Time to reflect.


country roads said...

what channel was that on? I didn't know one was coming on. I'd like to catch the rerun. I love John.

Elliemae said...

It's on the Biography's on again Sunday afternoon. You can check his website for other roadcast times. It was a great program.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Ohhhh...a big juicy cheeseburger sounds sooooooooooo good right now!
With our Dish covered in ice, I didn't get to watch any TV, but I did get a lot of 'reflecting' time!