Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Le Fleur

I love wildflowers. I was just over on another blog admiring gorgeous photos of a wild daisy and felt compelled to browse my own "floral archive." Last summer I ended up having the most glorious patch of wildflowers on the west side of our house. In the warm breezy summer evenings I'd walk around to the side of the house, typically with a small dog on my trail, to admire the variety of blooms. One of those times I had enough forethought to bring my camera.

This year I decided to take my chances and see if any of them had gone to seed and would re- bloom for an encore. I wandered around there just this evening to take stock of the regrowth.
There are quite a few survivors but not nearly the thicket that grew last summer. Note to self: replant wildflowers in the spring. I do have these photos to remember the beauties from last year and thought I'd share them. The second one really reminds me of an artist's palette; big dollops of color.
Flowers by Raymond A. Foss
Three flowers bloom each day
Falsely fragile Queen Anne’s Lace
Clump of effervescent Daisies
A singular Black-eyed Susan
Wildflowers all growing in the fields of our hearts
Each her own scent, shape, pose
Craning for light, food, attention
Willingly, lovingly tended by the gardener,
the one who sowed the seed

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Dawn said...

Oh those pictures are gorgeous. They are so vibrant, they instantly made me smile!