Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rainy Snuggles

This morning you woke up around 7am and I took you to the potty. You're doing such a great job with potty training! It was a warm stormy morning which is unusual for January. So instead of going to the living room to watch cartoons, we went back to bed. I brought you into my bed to snuggle and listen to the rain and thunder. For about 30 minutes we snuggled on this dark rainy morning and I told you stories about a little girl and a horse. You especially liked the one about you riding a white pony in a field full of flowers while it rained. Then a rainbow came out and you and the pony smiled and you liked hearing about the colors in the rainbow. it was so great to watch you suck your thumb and twirl your hair next to me on the pillow. Your big eyes watching me as I told the stories. Maybe you'll be a snuggler after all.

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