Wednesday, January 28, 2009

12.5 inches of Snow

Today we woke up to the most snow I've seen in one snowfall since 1996. The State Police
wanted people to stay off the roads so I obliged and stayed home from work. I have to admit, since next Wednesday is my last day, I'm not exactly breaking my back in the work department.
I did some things around the house, dusting and whatnot. Then I grabbed my camera and took the dogs outside in the backyard.

Mya stayed on the deck and was having none of it.

Farley on the other hand, dove in head first.

As a Lab, he seems to enjoy all forms of water including
fresh snowfall.

Mya saw Farley having all the fun and decided to get her
fanny off the deck and jump in!
Here she is digging a hole trying to find the snowball I threw.

I'm telling you, Farley is a madman in the snow!
He got so excited bounding around that he miscalculated and mushed
Mya down into the snow. Then it was time to go in because Mya had her
feelings hurt.

I'm going to do some editing to get rid of the "blue" cast in the pics, but I wanted to get them
posted quickly so y'all could see what we've been doing today in Indiana! 8 weeks until spring!


Amanda said...

That Maya is the cutest thing ever!!!

Elliemae said...

I know! I just wanna squeeze her! You've got a thing for Peke's too!

Andrea said...

OH my goodness, those pictures are the cutest pictures ever! I love the pictures of your lab with snow all over its face! Too cute!!

And we have been riding horses. We have a rodeo this up coming weekend. So, we are riding riding riding. It's been warm here. 60's and 70's. Not too bad for winter.

Elliemae said...

I'm jealous of the riding! My OB doesn't want me riding until after the baby arrives. My mare is loving the time off. Did I mention I'm jealous of your warm weather too???

The W.O.W. factor said...'s your Winter! Love your pictures Elliemae! Does May "collect" snow in her fur so she can't even move? You have to put her in the sink to melt it all away so she can walk? Our Yorkies are that way...
How come your OB doesn't want you to ride?? A local gal here, rode up until 2 weeks before she gave birth.(and even got dumped in her 8th month). as the DR says!
And {{Hug that belly}} for me!