Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not so easy morning.

I have not even had a cup of decaf yet. I like quiet weekend mornings. Slide out of bed before Boo and sneak out into the kitchen to make some coffee or cup of tea. Sit quietly on the couch or at the dining room table enjoying the solitude of the morning hours. Maybe read a book, catch up on blogs or simply gaze out the window.
My two dogs usually curled up at my feet.
Not this morning. The little dog woke me up whining to go outside and I couldn't drag myself out of bed just yet. Finally my own bladder couldn't wait any longer. Then I let the dogs out to handle business and because our yard isn't fenced and we live in the city, I have to stand at the back door and monitor them. Farley won't leave the yard unless there's a rabbit but Mya will wander off just to spite me. There's snow on the ground and temps are near zero. Farley wasted no time and wanted back in. Mya peed, chased some birds, peed again, scavenged for sunflower seeds under the bird feeder, barked at the neighorhood in general, circled, circled, pooped, swiped her paws in the snow while barking her warning to invisible dogs. This is my cue to call her in. "Mya, c'mon let's go!" My bathrobe wrapped around me as the wind whips at my ankles. She ignored me. She went back to the bird feeder. Then her paws got cold and she sat in the snow looking back at me. So I called her again and she thankfully ran inside.
Ready to begin my solidude I cozied up on the couch to read blogs. Boo was still in bed. Both dogs began sounding the alarm! Somebody was in front of our house. Farleys deep throaty bark and Myas higher pitched, incessent, wide-eyed warning. Then I heard the storm door creak open and barking grew in intensity. The doorbell clanged, adding to the boisterous Saturday morning symphony. I admit, it always unsettles me a bit when the doorbell rings and I'm not expecting anyone. By now the dogs are dancing and pacing in the foyer continuing their din. Meanwhile Boo is still in bed.
I cautiously approach the foyer and peek out the window. *sigh* Relieved, I discover it's just the Fedex guy. I opened the door to find a large envelope stuck between the doors. It's from work. I am trying to enjoy my Saturday morning and they found me. The envelope was marked "Saturday Priority." Whose priority is what I want to know. Certainly not mine.
After the world started spinning a little slower, Boo emerged from the bedroom. How could he sleep thru all that? I'll try again tomorrow for a quiet morning.
P.S. Did anyody else notice during the Hudson River plane crash one of the ferrys that assisted said "Sightseeing tours" across the side? I thought that was kind of funny and ironic. What a sight to see.


The W.O.W. factor said...

LOL! I just was sitting here, "watching from the sidelines" as you wrote about your anticipated peaceful morning.
Still chuckling..
And what the heck is work 'bugging' you on a Saturday morning for??
My hubby would have slept through all of that too.
Yesterday, I was sitting here and our doorbell rang..scared the bejeezes out of me as we are close to nothing and my doorbell is one of those old clicker kind..(and I've only heard it ring about 4 times in 3 years!)
No One ever comes here so I don't worry about my attire! Yikes! I had to run and find some cover! Ruined my first cup of coffee quiet time!
Hopefully your Sunday is better, Elliemae.
~Hug that belly~

Elliemae said...

Barb- I think my doorbell apprehension is a phenomenon that formed as a child growing up way out in the sticks when doorell ringing was very rare, as you mentioned. Shoot, we'd get suspicious of a strange car on our just wasn't a hugely populated area. Let's aim for good coffee quiet time tomorrow!