Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Main Street USA

Today my schedule had me making sales calls in my hometown, which was sort of nice. I knew where all of the doctors' offices were located although it's not hard to figure out, just go out by the hospital. Anything that falls in the "medical" category is out by the hospital. The other end of town has the schools and car wash. Now, the "church" category is off the charts. They have those on every street practically. The big "Danville Christian" is on Main Street in the middle of town, they want to be sure people see 'em comin' and goin' on Sunday morning. The Catholics meet up a few times a week at Saint Mary's on the hill near the old IGA grocery (which went out of business and is now a lawn mower repair store). The Methodists get together on Mill Street. They sort of cater to kids and young families. Snoopy School (preschool) is there along with the best ever Live "drive-thru" Nativity, at Christmastime, naturally. Now, the Apostolic church is down on Lincoln Street. They have a whole compound or something with a lake and horses and a little gift shop that they run. In school we used to call them the "bunhead religion," because, well, because we were ignorant kids, that's why. So, throw in a couple more denominations and you have a whole town with more than their fair share of the Lord.

I digress.

I want to pay a tribute to the Danville Dairy Queen. No other DQ compares. Ours is one of the originals. Forget the "Brazier" crap with grills and fryers. There is nothing better than a rotisserie hot dog in a steamed bun with cheese and chili. Add in a vanilla milkshake and it's just bliss. Today I stopped there for lunch and had the afore mentioned chili cheese dog along with a Peanut Buster Parfait (because they were on sale!). I asked the girl working why it was so much better there and she replied with, "We clean the ice cream machine three times a day.) And there you have it. I was hoping for something a little more intriguing I guess.

While I was having lunch, sitting in my car, I notice an old friend at the DQ window ordering his lunch. I hopped right out of my car and went to say hello. My friend Andy, who always called me "squirrel" when we were in high school. We sat and chatted away for about 20 minutes I suppose. He waved at about 20 cars that drove by. I didn't wave at any. He caught me up on who was still around town and what they were up to. Mostly folks are raising families or raising hell. He's married, but no kids...although he has a new Harley, so I'm not sure what he's raising.

Anyway, he told me a few stories about people we know, that I haven't seen in forever. Some things never change. But I tell ya, it was nice sitting there with Andy in my little hometown, eating DQ ice cream and reminiscing.


Andy Ford said...

hello "squirrel".... so i spent some time looking, reading, & gawking at ur setup... pretty impressive i must say. thanks for the shout-out btw.... of course now i feel like a yokel or something. or maybe a hell bent lost cause with a dismal understanding of priority... how about a combination of the two??
i can see me now.... stem of grass between my teeth, leather clad, raising hell on the harley in god's country.... when im not holding down the "strip" at DQ (of course).. ha ha :)
honestly im flattered to be mentioned.... and i will take u for a ride on the bike. keep in touch!

Mrs Mom said...

Hi elliemae!Thanks for stopping in at my blog! ;)

Darn sorry to hear about your lovely ladies "C" word battle- will be sure to pray for you guys- and darn hard!

MMMM... Dairy Queen... dude.. now I have a mega serious chocloate and ice cream craving! LOL....

Oh- and from a mom of 3 testoserone driven tricycle motors, I wish you LOTS of luck there too! At least, a whole lotta fun in the tryin'!! ;)

Looking forward to reading more on your mare, and everything here! Oh- and if you get to ride that Hog with Andy up there ^^^, we wanna see pix of that! LOL

Elliemae said...

Yokels don't read blogs...and you've read and even posted, so I don't think "yokel" is a suitable title for you. If/when I get to ride the bike, I want to have a blade of grass too. Maybe straw. Or a toothpick.

Elliemae said...

mrs. mom~

Thanks for stopping by! Dairy Queen is an addiction.
I don't get to see Andy very often, but when I do, I'll be sure to get a pic on the bike! Ha ha!

The W.O.W. factor said...

What a neat trip thru you hometown! You've descibed so many small town's layout. Think they all have the same designers:)
Wish I had a DQ....or any burge joint for that matter...close! Sometimes I just crave a good ol cheeseburger made by someone besides me!
Hope your mare is progressing positively.