Saturday, August 30, 2008

Can't wait

I've been anticipating this morning all week. My Boo and I got to sleep in, in fact, he's still asleep. We are going to pack up, load the car, throw the dogs in and head out to the sticks for a nice relaxing weekend. We're going to the lake to hang around and be lazy. Today is also my mom's 50th birthday and Monday is Boo's birthday. I plan to sit on the screened porch at the cabin overlooking the lake and read, nap, chatter and go for walks with my camera. Boo plans to sit on the screened porch, drink some beer, play cards and eat. All in all, it will be a well deserved break from the grind. Oh, the dogs plan to swim in the lake, go for walks with me and my camera and sleep on the screened porch.
Hope your Labor Day holiday is everything you're hoping for, talk to you when I return.


The W.O.W. factor said...

Elliemae...sure hope you had a great weekend! And took lots of pix for me to see...miss seeing trees and green and water!
Just told Cowboy yesterday...something is wrong with our picture...our life! EVERYONE we know, gets to go away for these 3 day wkends...we never go anywhere! I'm envious, so hope your time was splendid!

Mrs Mom said...

Hope oyu had an awesome weekend! Cant wait to see pics!