Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Here she is!

There's my mare! She came home from Purdue and is slowly healing from surgery. She's just hanging out in the pasture in her fly mask. They removed the tumor with a CO2 laser and kept her in the large animal hospital for three weeks. A student called me everyday to tell me her progress. I am so glad to have her home.
Here she is hanging with her girls. All the boys are over in the other field. They flirt with her. And she teases them. They find her fly mask very mysterious and intriguing. Probably because
the other girls aren't wearing one. That's my girl, she's a horse of a different color, literally and figuratively. Yay Dixie! Welcome home!


Amanda said...

I am thrilled you got your girl back and hope she completes her recovery with no further problems. I know you must be thrilled to have her home. Hooray!!!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh Elliemae! I'm so glad you got her home now! Keep us posted on her recovery progress!
And how about some pix & an update on your weekend away?!

Elliemae said...

I'll get some weekend pics posted later tonight...happy friday!

Mrs Mom said...

YAY!! Super glad to hear that she is HOME, with her Momma and her Boys!

Hope she continues to heal up perfectly, and you two have seen the last of any issues with her!