Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just a hunch?

I know, I know, I know....I was posting practically everyday then, BAM! Nothing. I probably should've been blogging this whole time though...I think it's a great way to vent. For the past week or so I've been completely covered up with my job. Basically 12 hour days, everyday. I even worked last Sunday. The sad thing is, my office is at my house...the house is falling down around me while I am working for a company that really doesn't give a hoot about me as a person. When I took this job one of the first doctors I met said, "Start your own business, it's the only way you'll make any money." Hmmm....my wheels start turning.

Then today, I was sitting in a doctors office forever while I waited for a signature so I read an article in Womens Day about trusting your intuition. The article said that instead of making decisions based on outside circumstances, the judgement of others, and even societal norms, you should trust you instincts. Go with your gut. Trust your own innate ability to know the truth about somebody, something or a situation. I am putting this mostly into my own words, but you get the jist. They had a few examples of women who have changed their lives based on the choices they made based on a feeling. One woman became a best selling novelist, one woman didn't trust a doctors assessment and insisted on a mammogram, etc. It's the August issue..try to find it.
We all have this ability. Everyone of us has a little voice in our head that says, "this is wrong, don't do it," or "go for it, this is perfect for you." Or instead of a voice, it's just a feeling. I try to follow the "doubt means don't" philosophy. If you have any doubts, you probably shouldn't do it.
If you have to force something to happen, maybe it's not really supposed to happen.
Maybe there's a constant gnawing in the back of your mind that you're in the wrong situation and you really should be spending your life doing something that means something to you. I think some people are content to work their whole lives in a proverbial cubicle for the man. Some people require more to satisfy their soul. I require more.


The W.O.W. factor said...

Amen! (and glad you are back!) It's taken a long time, but Cowboy trusts MY gut on things..sometimes it even scares me just how right my thoughts or feelings turn out to be.
You must be 'rethinking' your paycheck options, eh?

Mrs Mom said...

Always, always, always, ALWAYS trust your gut. Did I mention always?

Mine has saved my skin more times than I care to count, and it has guided me well for a number of years now.

Best of luck to you-- Like WOW said, I bet you are rethinking your paycheck options, and I cant wait to see where this journey takes you!!