Saturday, February 23, 2008

Movie Night

Boo and I just got home from seeing a movie at the new all digital theater. It looks the same to me as the old method of showing a movie. So, you're wondering what we saw? "Fool's Gold"
It's the new movie with Matthew Mcconaughey and Kate Hudson. It was cute in a silly chick flick kind of way. We had actually tried to see "Vantage Point" but when we walked into the theater it was so packed we would've had to sit in the very front. I don't pay $9.50 a pop to see the actors nosehairs.
I like Kate Hudson. She's got very small boobs and seems to be pretty Okay with it. Most actresses are having all kinds of plastic installed, but not her. I need to be more confident about my flat chest. Thanks Kate!
Anyway, you get to see a side shot of Matty's ass which is very nice. Which leads me to my next point...which is not really a point but a list. The list of celebrities that I would be allowed to sleep with if the opportunity presented itself. And let's be honest, the opportunity is never going to present itself so this is just a teenage fantasy list...even though I'm 32. Just so you know, Boo has full knowledge of this list and might even have his own list. So, off we go, in no particular order...except for the first one.

1. Matthew (Matty) Mcconaughey
2. Matt Damon
3. George Clooney
4. Brad Pitt
5. Maybe Mark Wahlberg

So, there you go. My list of celebrity men that have been selected by a very stringent set of criteria: They are in shape and seem like they might be great in the sack.
Of course none of them hold a candle to my heart like Boo.
For a good laugh check out this link

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