Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I love books

I went to Barnes and Noble Bookstore today just to browse around and wile away some time.
First I went into the "Sales" section to see what's new. Then I meandered into the gardening section. I was trying to find the "writing" section when I stumbled into the "Children's" section. Much like the children's department at my childhood library it was almost magical to walk thru the special entrance. The Children's section is separated by a half wall and the entrance is guarded by Dr. Seuss characters and flying elephants. I was transported. As I browsed my appreciation for classic illustration and simple storytelling was awoken from some dusty place in my brain. I could see myself sitting on the floor of the library at North Elementary while Mrs. Franklin read aloud to us. Mrs. Franklin is a whole other story..but she was really good at reading aloud. I bet if I went back and looked on the shelves my name would be scrawled on the checkout card of a few particular books. All the horse books and one particular Christmas book.
I have always loved to read. I want my daughter to love to read. So I picked up a couple of books for her. One is a cloth book with crinkle sounding pages and soft animals to pet. The other is a bedtime story. I also found some "Llama llama" books that I enjoyed but decided I would tell someone so they can get them as a shower or future birthday gift. There was the cutest stuffed llama that I bought for her because there are two llama art prints hanging in her room. Did I mention I used to own a llama? I'm fond of llamas.
But I'm really fond of reading.


The W.O.W. factor! said...

Oh Elliemae! I remember as a child (yes...really I do) going to the city library, the feelings I had as soon as I walked in. I can even remember the 'floor plan' of how the books were organized.
This is great that you want to tranfer the love of reading onto your little girl!
Our daughters started reading books to her kids BEFORE they were born. Her eldest is now in 4th grade and is a read-a-holic! Reads beyond 12th grade level!
Llamas eh?
Hug that girlie belly for me!
♥ Barb

Annie Wicking said...

Glad to hear all is well for you and your little one.

My sister has a llama farm here in England.

I was allowed to name one. I called him 'Wordsworth'

Best wishes, (((Hugs)))

Elliemae said...

That's so cool! I love "Wordsworth." My llama's name was "Carl" if you've ever seen the movie "Slingblade" with Billy Bob Thornton, his character Carl makes sounds much like a llama! Ha!