Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Report Card

I'm a couple weeks into this "stay at home mom" thing and I thought I'd report how I'm doing thus far. Complete and utter honesty, okay?
First of all, the baby is still in my belly so there is no "momming" to be done yet so I have to find things to fill my day with. The whole idea for leaving my job early was to accomplish a few things before the baby's arrival. I guess I've gotten some things done, just not the meaningful things. We'll get into that in a minute.
Most days I sit on the couch and Facebook/check email/eat breakfast and watch the "Today Show" from about 8 to 10am. At 10 am Hoda and Kathi Lee come on for the final hour of "Today" and I can't stand Kathi Lee. She's just a little melodramatic for me. Basically for two hours I sit on my couch watching the tv or my computer screen. I think this is ridiculous. I expect more from myself and I feel like I'm wasting time.
Then, miraculously and out of a sense of duty I take a shower and get dressed in something other than pajamas. If it's Monday I go to the grocery store. If not I bide my time until it's time for lunch. I have been really good about eating lunch at home. When I worked I ate lunch out everyday. I'm not exaggerating at all either.
My dogs love that I'm home, I think. Mya has a tendency to bark at nothing so I yell at her and Farley doesn't want to hear it so he gets up and goes in the other room. Who can blame him?
Here's what has been accomplished: Home office deconstructed and office desk and chair sold on Craigslist. Score! Spare bedroom moved into former home office. Still needs organized. Pending score! Nursery is starting to take shape in former spare bedroom (pronounced spare-oom in Narnia for you trivia freaks). The rocker/recliner with side table and lamp are in place. Just waiting on furniture to arrive. Color scheme figured out...no matchy matchiness. I hate that. Pending score! Boo built more shelves in hall closet and I put shelf liner on them yesterday. Rearranged both hall closets and threw out old stuff and expired medications that were hiding in the back. Low and behold I found extra space in those closets after the purge session. I have a pile of more stuff to be sold on Craigslist or Freecycled.
So, I've accomplished a few things. But when I began this hiatus I had visions of painting at my easel, taking photos then editing them, or beginning to write that book, or gardening and planting flowers. Nevermind that it's been February and I can't garden yet...maybe when I get the "necessary projects" out of the way I can focus on more fun projects.
Those are the things I had in mind for myself. I have always had a tendency to expect too much too soon. I always hold myself to a high standard. I am 21 weeks pregnant. Maybe I'm doing okay after all. Warmer weather can't hurt my motivation either, c'mon spring!

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The W.O.W. factor said...

Ah, Elliemae...it's just the 'newness' of not reporting in for a paycheck blahs. Your body was used to that.
I'd say you have accomplished things! But I do understand, as you read, about the motivation to do things you thought you were or should or wanted to do.
It's easy to just slither deep into the rut of unaccomplishments...
But my Dear, you will find the energy? the motivation?...I know you will! Besides, you got me here waiting for progress reports of your photos, writings, and baby growth etc!!!
Shall I come 'slap' you too? I won't slap as hard as I did to myself, promise!
Now, hug the girly belly for me!
oh yea...
check this out, if you need help, ask me Ok?