Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A rag-tag bunch of updates

Thank you internet friends for keeping me on the straight and narrow. I forgot to post an update about Farley and his mystery lameness. Boo and I decided to give him the weekend to improve before we hustled off to the vet. We did give him a couple of low dose childrens aspirin to see if that would help. Apparently, either aspirin is a miracle drug or Farley is a big drama dude. He probably wasn't totally faking it because of the whimpering, but he may have been a little melodramatic. So, he's fine. He wanted to get a rip roaring game of fetch going by Sunday.

In other news, it's a very rainy spring morning in Indiana. I don't mind. The sun is either hiding behind the clouds or has decided to sleep in a bit. Birds are twittering (vocally, not technologically) about in the trees as I gaze out the window at the wet sidewalk. I wish I lived in the country again. *sigh*

In baby news, Boo was finally able to feel our baby girl kick for the first time last night. I've been feeling her for weeks now and I think he was starting to feel left out. I also read that if he puts his ear to my belly he may be able to hear her heartbeat but I'm not sure if that's actually true or not.

In travel news, I'm going to the far westside today to my hometown. I have a doctor appt. for my thyroid (woo hoo.) The great thing about it though is that Dairy Queen is open for the season! DQ will make the whole trip worthwhile. While I'm over there I plan to swing by the tack store and buy my mare a new halter. Poor thing is wearing a dirty black, cracking/peeling leather, "I look like a sale barn horse" kind of halter right now. She really looks like she just came off a crowded trailer of mud caked, sale ring bound, sad eyed horses. She's due for a new halter.
The vet is coming to do spring shots in a couple weeks, and I wouldn't want Dixie to be embarassed about her halter. Good Lawd child! Doesn't your mamma buy you any clothes?

It might be time for me to eat breakfast now.

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The W.O.W. factor! said...

Oh I'm so glad Farley is Ok!
Yep, baby aspirin IS a miracle drug!!
But then, maybe Farley was feeling the need for some attention as he senses what is coming in the near future??!!