Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sweet Doggie

This is a photo of Farley, our four year old yellow lab. It was taken last summer during better days when he was fetching a tennis ball in the lake. This morning he is not feeling well at all and it breaks my heart. I noticed two nights ago that he whimpered as he was trying to stand up. It caught my attention because he's not a very vocal dog. It's just not his style. But he only did it once so I brushed it off. Yesterday, during the day he seemed fine. When Boo got home they went outside to play fetch like usual. Then, Boo and I went to dinner at a very upscale establishment, perhaps you've heard of it. Bobbie E's. Some folks refer to it as "Bob Evans." Upon our return home I noticed Farley didn't greet us at the door preferring instead to lay in the living room gazing toward the door. Hmmm, not crazy, but unusual. When he did get up Boo and I heard an unmistakable painful whimper, then he limped toward us. The dog is unquestionably lame in his right front leg. I went into horse mode, immediately feeling for heat in his leg along with a series of stretches and holds to see if I could get a reaction. He had a poker face. Nothing. Since we don't have any baby aspirin in the house I settled for icing it. He tolerated that really well although I'm pretty sure it didn't make a difference. We went to bed. This morning he is still walking gingerly and seems painful. I really hope it's just a muscle issue and not a bone/ligament issue. It seems a trip to vet is inevitable and I know what that means. Tall dollars. What ever happened to the small town vets that knew their trade and didn't want to perform every test under the sun just to gouge you in your desperate moment of helplessness?


Amanda said...

Even your Labradors look different!!!

I'm hopeless when it comes to taking my animals to vets. It is not that I don't love them but they always seem to get better on their own.

My little cocker spaniel x border collie did something very similar to your dog. She was limping for a few days and basically not herself.
We took her to the vet and he said she had done a anterior cruciate ligament....acl. We humans get it as well. He said to rest her bring her back in 2 weeks......I rested her, her limp went away but when we took her back to the vet her ligament was still very loose. We decided against surgery as it was going to cost $1500. The money wasn't the issue but the recovery time was.....3 months!!!!

Now she is fine, no surgery, no nothing....go figure. I don't think the vet was wrong, I just think my little friend heals and didn't want to be rested for 3 months :)

One thing abouts vets it's piece of least they can put a name to a problem and give you options.

I'm Just Beachy said...

Is your puppy feeling better?

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Oh Elliemae, I hope Farley is much better now. It is not fun when our pets hurt and can't tell us anything!! Ours are part of our family and we hate not being able to ease their pains. Hopefully, as I read more current posts, I'll read some good news...

Susan Dall said...

I have a very big Bernese Mountain Dog (130 lbs) and last year he came up lame in his front leg. $400 later (x-rays) showed nothing. After about a week it went away. It happened again just a month ago and we figured out it was the hardwood floor. His feet slide on it when he gets up and it pulled his chest muscles. We also heard from a friend with a Newfie that the same thing happened. Big dogs...but I love him! I hope Farley is doing better.

Sue at