Friday, March 13, 2009

Love Friday. Love Starbucks. Love Photoshop.

Good Friday morning! I feel like I should be walking in, sitting down to change my shoes and put on my morning sweater while singing a little tune to you internet friends. Sunny Friday mornings are just the bees knees aren't they? What does that have to do with the photo I have posted? Nothing. I just like that guy. I met him on a sunny morning in the desert while I was in Arizona one time. He may actually be a she, I'm not sure. I kept my distance because he/she was a little leery of me. I used one of PW's photoshop actions, then I added more edge burn on my own. I seem to have a heavy hand with the burn tool, but in my defense, I apply it using my laptop with doesn't have a mouse, I just use my finger on the mouse pad thing. I'm sure if I had better equipment I could do better. Regardless, I like that photo.
This morning I'm going to Starbucks for a cup o' decaf. I'm sort of a high maintenance customer, but only because I used to work at Starbucks once upon a time. When it's cold out, I order a (decaf these days) tall, hazelnut americano with cream. It's basically a hazelnut latte, but without the pricetag. When it's warm I love to get iced lattes. Especially iced chai with whip. Yum.
Anyway, just have a great friday internet friends!


Robynn's Ravings said...

Just dropped over from PW's site. Sometimes I just scout around looking for interesting blogs. And I'm an Americano lover, too. In fact I wrote a post about my husband's other woman - our espresso maker! lol

Congrats on the baby. Exciting time! Drop by anytime. :) Blessings.

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Love your photo 'work' Ms Elliemae! Great job!
Now, when you go to Starbucks...order me a Mocha with lots of whipped cream, extra "mirage form" of course..I'll enjoy the company and the caffiene with you since I don't have a place anywhere close to satisfy my craving!
I hope you are feeling well Missy!
Hug that girlie belly!