Monday, October 15, 2007

Brain fart

Sometimes my brain doesn't work. I went to my office for a little while this morning, then left to go to my first appointment. My friend/coworker L was riding with me so we decided we'd stop at Starbucks on our way to the appointment. As it turns out, we had about an hour to kill so we had coffee and breakfast. We scanned the "clearance" table and I found two travel mugs that were marked down to $5.99 each. Previously they were $800.99 each....okay, they might as well have been because I wouldn't have spent more than $5.99 each. Boo and I got a fancy coffeemaker as a wedding gift and I felt like we needed travel mugs so that maybe I'll quit spending money at often. Anyway, I bought the mugs and the barista put them into a huge shopping type bag. I carried it over to the table and L and I proceeded to have breakfast and interesting conversation. You should have seen how much sugar this one woman put in her grande coffee! Woo! So, 45 minutes later L and I got up and left. That was around 8:45am. Fast forward to this evening at 6pm when I am sooo excited to get out the new mugs only to realize they are MIA. No mugs anywhere in my car. Shit! I left them at Starbucks! I called them up and the guy didn't see the bag or the mugs anywhere. I was positive somebody stole them. Then, in a rambling last ditch effort I describe the table where I sat near the condiment bar. "Ah ha!" he says. "There it is right where you left it!" I have to tell you, my faith in people (at least the ones that go to Starbucks) is renewed. All damn day that bag sat with cool mugs that were all paid for, and nobody took it! Hooray people! I'm picking my mugs up in the morning.

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