Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Life is good

So I'm sitting here on the couch taking a mental assessment of the day while my new husband is watching the World Series. My dog is curled up next to me and my new stepdog is laying at my feet. I am employed as a salesperson for a Fortune 500 company and I sold a big effing account yesterday. Booyah. I had a great cup of coffee this morning accompanied by a toasted "everything" bagel (because I think onion and garlic are fantastic breakfast fare!) with a sun-dried tomato schmear. I had a sales meeting this afternoon during which I was recognized for my efforts and accomplishments. Then my friend L and I went a bought my Halloween costume. I feel very blessed right now.

About that costume; we stopped in the Halloween store for inspiration, but I don't really like store-bought costumes. So we went to this trashy little store where I found a 70's inspired blue dress with giant blue rhinestones, a white pleather belt and matching blue dangley earrings. We went back to the Halloween store where I bought a blonde afro wig. I'm gonna find some white go-go boots and big sunglasses. So what am I supposed to be? My mother when she was about 20. A disco queen baby!

Boo turned me on to this band called Here Come the Mummies and I love them. We go see them everytime they come to town. They happen to be in town this Friday and we happen to have tickets! I'm going to wear my Halloween outfit, drink too many cocktails and dance my ass off. Boo and I always have a ball at the Mummie shows. Check out their stuff I will warn you, all of their music is one big schexual innuendo. Watch out! My personal favorites are "Wiener Man" and "Boom Boom Room." You've got to see them live to fully appreciate them, trust me. Go see them when they're in your town, just once..try it, you'll like it. Everybody's doing it. Don't you want to be cool? From you alright! I learned it by watching you! You've got to be a certain age to get that last reference.

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