Saturday, October 20, 2007

Covered bridges and fried food!

Whew! It's been a long day; but in a good way. Here in Indiana we have a thing every October in Parke County (which is about and hour and a half from me) called Covered Bridge Festival. You see, Parke Co. has something like 32 covered bridges. So, practically every little town in the county has it's own two week long celebration. All kinds of vendors selling everything from handmade crafts to antiques to crappy flea market crap to quilts and fudge. Oh, the food! Lemme tell ya what I ate...Started out the day with a corn dog, then later I had a barbeque sandwich with seasoned potatoes topped with cheese and sour cream. We sampled some kettle corn, yum. Oh then right in the middle of the day we were strolling along looking at all the booths when out of nowhere this 60 year old woman is yelling at whom I presume is her grandson. He's probably 11 or 12..just the right age to test your nerves but still she should not have reacted the way she did. Let me relay to you what she yelled at him in the middle of the street in front of God and everybody... "My cell phone doesn't work out here, and if you don't mind what I say I'll take my fist and punch you in the face little boy!" Nice. Freakin hillbilly. I wanted to punch her in the face with MY fist! All the people around were looking at each other like, "can you believe this bitch?" Anyway...
So then we drove to the Amish Wal-Mart. This place is actually a by-the-side-of-the-road Amish produce/baked goods stand. I had been telling Boo about the amazing fruit fry pies that the Amish gals whip up...and they didn't disappoint this trip. I had cherry, he had apple; delish.
So we made it home by about 6:30 totally worn out.

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