Thursday, October 18, 2007

Photo Friday, except it's Thursday

I got a new camera and I took this really great picture of my dog..just thought I'd share. Also, I am officially Mrs. Boo now. I went to all the necassary offices today to make my name change legal. Suprisingly, the BMV was not painful. The lady was actually pretty funny. Oh, I almost forgot...I went on my first appointment this morning for work and totally bit it. It had been raining so the bottoms of my high heels were wet. Then, I walked into this place with beautiful marble floors. Beautifully slick as baby shit marble floors. I fell down and couldn't catch myself because my hands were full. I was so embarassed because people saw me do it. I felt sorry for myself just like I feel sorry for other people when they fall down. Also, I've had a few beers this evening just in case any of what I'm saying is a bit askew.

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