Monday, November 26, 2007

Mama Said

I'm sick today. Probably from all the holiday me all run down. That's what my mom always used to say to me..."You're going to get run down and sick if you keep going the way you are!" Maybe there is some wisdom there someplace. Although, this is the same woman who asked me the most ridiculous question the other day on the phone. Here's how it went...
Me: "Well, I bought our bird for Thanksgiving"
Mom: "Do you know how to cook it? You just need an hour for every four pounds"
Me: "I was just going to go to and check out their instructions"
Mom: "WHAT?! Do you think the internet is smarter than me???" (deeply offended and serious)
I of course said, "No, mom." I was thinking to myself, what a crazy question.

Just so you know, I've been on the couch all day wrapped in multiple crocheted afghans and my little dog Mya has been right here by my side. Oh, except for the two hours I had to drag myself across town to doctor my horse. The barn owner called to tell me my horse, Dixie, had come in lame last night. So, together he and I soaked her foot in hot water and epsom salt. I gave her some bute (horsey Tylenol) and put her back in her stall. If she's not any better tomorrow I'll be calling the vet.
I do love my critters.

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